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The film “Free all around” refers to the limits that exist in the meaning of the word “freedom”.

The plot develops as two separate stories that unfold parallel to each other. At a certain moment – at the climax of the film – the two stories cross. At that moment the protagonists of each story seem unable to continue their story and find an acceptable ending. At this moment some sort of an “osmosis” happens and the protagonists of each story help the protagonists of the other story to find their desired ending in their story.

The first story – the real one – refers to a woman, Sissy, who tries to cope with all sorts of problems. She owes money, her husband is in jail and she doesn’t know why he is there, and her brother Harry asks her to finance his film about the first Greek rocket to space.

The second story – the imaginary one – is Harry’s space film that is shown visualized on screen.

After many efforts to solve her problems Sissy gets tired. She refuses to deal with those problems that are not entirely hers. So, she decides to stop.
Harry’s movie reaches to a climax and he seems unable to find an acceptable ending.

At this moment the roles of the two protagonists switch places. Sissy helps Harry to find the ending of his story and help him feel free. Harry also helps Sissy to find the solution in her own dead-ends and finally to feel free.


Produced: ZOFOROS Audiovisual Productions
Written & Directed: Spyros A. Vrettos
Director’s Assistant: Marilena Vougidi
Production Manager: Filippos Vougidis
3D Animation Producer: Doros Evangelides
Executive Producer: Bobby Roy
Project Supervisor: Clive Fernandes
Modeling & Animation: George Pantelas
Talent Coordinator: Trent Edwards
Modeling & Animation: Rob Kerek
  Andy Richard
  Joe Carvalko
Modeling Jason Caldorone
Props & Costumes: Stella Sarigiannidou
Art Director & Graphics: Spyros A. Vrettos
Director of Photography: Spyros A. Vrettos
Music: Penny Biniari
Traditional Serbian Music: Published by Confluence Music
Sound design: Dusan Mihajlovic


Sissy Irini Kotsarini
Harry Yannis Kotsanis
Angelo Yannis Kostas
Prison Captain Yannis Bostantzoglou
Lady Spaceship Commander Sofia Filippidou
Pilot Yannis Zakis
T. Bangee & Ch. Bangee Spyros K. Vrettos
Jennifer Maria Gagosi
Vasilikoula Ariadne Yannakou
Serb 1 George Pantelas
Serb 2 George Chlorokostas
Turkish Doctor George Elafros
Space Law Officer Marianna Kulukundis
Eliza Iro Fragioudaki
Seminar Trainer Michael Ismyrloglou
Mrs Evangelia Aggeliki Panayi
Little Sissy Ioanna Kriatsioti
Sissy’s Grandfather Andrea Vrettos
Mr Marmaras, the Astrophysicist Manolis Tiniakos
Mrs Marmaras Eleni Anagnostopoulou
Kathreen Bullball Mary Karoussi
Minas Zano Danias
Bullballs’s Client 1 Georgia Grigoriou
Deputee Mr Peristeris VA
Secretary to the Deputee Christodoulos Tsallas
University Professor Filippos Vougidis
Lawyer Mrs Heropoulou Rozina Karoni
Minister of Justice Yannis Arachovitis
Prime Minister Dimitri Skoufas
MASA President Andreas Platitsas
Land Coordinator Pantelis Batayas
Head of Technical Department Yannis Kotsanis
Old Lady Kondylia Kotsani
Old Man Michael Kalfas
Journalist in the RV la TV Olga Lazopoulou
Reporter 1 of RV la TV Kyriakos Simos
Reporter 2 of RV la TV Antigoni Makri
Coffee Shop Clients Takis Farmakis
  Helia Diatsintos
  Anthony Astithas
Clients of the Butcher Shop Maria Voyatzaki
  Sofia Misthou
  Chrysoula Vrettou
Prison Guard Panayotis Lentzas
Interrogator Stephanos Moraglis
Nico Kane’s wife Theodosia Dakoglou

Other information

Shot: In HD digital video,
Ratio: 16:9
Duration: 88 minutes
Year of production 2011