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About the film

The film is about the children’s unspoiled way of thinking about life, society, environment etc. It’s message is to remind us, the adults, the various forgotten yet simple values of life. In other words the film attempts to show the reverse relation of the teacher (adults) and student (children). It is about the relation of the teacher (child) and student (adult).


Writer & Director: Spyros A. Vrettos
Produced by: ZOFOROS Audiovisual Productions
Producer: Spyros A. Vrettos
Production Manager: Markos Kondaxis
Music Composer: Penny Biniari


Manos Giavridis
Katerina Kalathaki
Chryssa Kalbari
Melpo Kapsali
Ioanna Kriatsioti
William Lagadas
Stelios Laliotis
Yannis Mandelas
Anny Paschali
Irini Vasilogianni
Andrew Vrettos

Other information

Shot: HD digital video, έγχρωμο
Ratio: 16:9
Duration: 126’ 25’’
Year of production: 2014