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Students who are to present the best extra curricular activities will be awarded. All prepare their projects except Zoe and Stamatis. Zoe, because she constantly offers her care to others. And Stamatis, because he feels excessively loaded by his father’s unrealistic expectations and worried by his parents’ frequent quarrels.

Zoe helps her classmates in such a way that all of them get an award. Yet the receiver of the 1st Prize is not found. The awarded students recognize in public Zoe’s constructive role in their projects. Thus Zoe is invited to receive the 1st Prize. She feels she does not deserve such a great honor. So she offers her award to her friend Stamatis, who struggled to keep his parents united.


Director: Spyros A. Vrettos
Script-writer: Spyros A. Vrettos
Cinematography: Theofanis Gkountinakis
Editing: Theofanis Gkountinakis
Music: Carl Orff, Alcalica, Michalis Zeis
Producer: Spyros A. Vrettos


Zoe Areti Theofilopoulou
Stamatis Petros Kokkonas
Erietta Christina Androulakaki
Artemis Nikol Kollileka
Alexia Martha Pahatouridi
Fani Mina Sitareniou
Paris Michael Zeis
Olympic Winner Dimosthenis Tabacos
Stamatis’ Father Giannis Kostas
Stamatis’ Mother Irini Kotsarini
Zoe’s Father Spyros K. Vrettos
Zoe’s Mother Theodosia Dacoglou
Mrs Heleni, (cleaning lady) Heleni Tzorou
School Principal George Giakoumis

Other Information

Shot: In HD digital video
Ratio: 16:9
Duration: 84 minutes
Year of production 2007